About the Symposium

Aviation and Insurance are one of the fastest growing sectors of the Indian Economy. Government thrust is to take flying and insurance to the masses, and all actions are oriented towards making it more affordable with sustainability and predictability.

Growth is presenting significant business opportunities for all stakeholders, and at the same time creating unique challenges with complex risk combinations – traditional and the emerging ones.

These risks need to be assessed and managed carefully for sustained level of higher growth. Insurance industry is playing a key role in covering many of the risks associated with the Aviation Industry.

Aviation and Insurance Industry have seen significant changes during the past decade, and both are looking forward with renewed enthusiasm, supported by growing confidence amongst all the stakeholders.

Be it Airlines, Airports, MRO, Aerospace Manufacturing, Ground Handling and other associated industries, India is going to see significant investment in all the verticals of the industry. In parallel, it will create new business opportunities for the Insurance Industry. Questions is how successfully the Insurance Industry assesses the traditional and new emerging risks and provides risk solutions, which will raise the confidence level of the Aviation Industry. Everyone associated with the Aviation and Insurance Industry have a significant role to play in risk assessment, awareness and risk management, as successful partnership of all the stakeholders will largely depend on the successful management of risks.

We are delighted to announce India’s first Aviation Insurance Symposium with the following objectives:

  • To raise India’s profile, backed by India growth story in aviation and insurance industry
  • Bring all stakeholders together on a common platform to discuss issues of mutual interest
  • Make Indian insurance capacity more acceptable to international stakeholders through sustained dialogues and exchanges
  • Highlight the contribution of the Insurance Industry in supporting the growth of aviation and aerospace in India
  • To raise awareness about risk management

The symposium will touch upon various facets of the aviation industry, be it airlines, general aviation, airports, MRO’s, aircraft manufactures, space research development bodies, defence, insurers, reinsurers, financiers, or technology players of international repute. All will be a part of this symposium involved through discussions and opinion sharing. Featuring inspirational role models from the domestic and international aviation and space sector, the symposium will ensure that all participants return enlightened and enriched.